Our customers’ satisfaction is our key priority, as our mission is to enhance the productivity of our clients, as well as to attract and retain clients by providing best in class, reliable transportation solutions and foster a thriving, disciplined culture of loyalty, honesty, ethical business practices, and trust in all of our service engagements.

Our goal is to provide efficient, reliable, and safe services that boost productivity, eliminate redundant transportation costs, and add value to our customers.

Core Competencies

We bring fast, reliable, immediately productive, and experienced resources to provide end-to-end service-oriented transportation solutions that minimize risk and ensure customer satisfaction as a true measure of success and quality performance. We have the equipment capacity and technical competence to provide a wide range of services, handling transportation from aggregates to general freight. Our reliable service record and extensive experience in the oil and gas servicing industry assure that we truly understand the importance of our clients’ shipments and the mission-critical nature of the industry. As such, we treat all shipments with care and respect it deserves. We are committed to providing reliable service on schedule, abiding with the policies and procedures that ensure and enhance safety, as well as drive operational efficiencies.

  • Logistics Services
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Customer Service
  • Reliability & Flexibility
  • Custom Delivery
  • Safety & Security
  • “Can-Do” Approach
  • On-Time Delivery

Founder’s Expertise

Krisdeon Slack is the founder and Director of Crestline Trucking LLC. He leverages his extensive general freight experience and in-depth knowledge of the efficient logistics operations to provide seamless transportation and logistic services, streamline operations and boost efficiencies, as well as expedite project turnaround.

Past Performance

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, for example Amazon and JB Hunt.